A Work-from-Home Wellness Plan during Coronavirus

A Work-from-Home Wellness Plan during Coronavirus

Most people continue working from home in the middle of Covid-19, to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

This does not mean you need to separate yourself and just sit at home.

It just means you are not allowed to come into the workplace.

Your home can be beneficial to a safer work atmosphere with the correct schedule than the office

Working from home provides plenty of opportunities like:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Avoid boring long traffic
  • Cook your own tasty food (which will probably save you a lot of money than eating out)

But working from home also means that:

  • Be diligent about getting your job done
  • and setting a limitation on home activities that are not that urgent.

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Here are 3 ways on how you can set yourself up for the work from home success.

Setup a Desk Space:

I know you want to work from the comfort of your bed. But you’ll get sleepy every now and then. Use a desk which you have at your home for work.

In case you don’t have a desk, you can also use any table surface and chair, as long as it makes you feel relaxed, awake and engaged.

Maintain a Schedule and, and keep up with your social ties for mental health: 

Exercise is not only important for your physical wellbeing, but for mental health as well. It can help you concentrate and be productive.

Try to follow a routine for your day. This will help you in minimizing the boredom.

Use this time to connect with your loved ones or your friends with whom you haven’t talked in a while.

Strengthen your relationships during this isolation period.

Reduce distractions at home which do not need your full attention:

The comfort of working from home comes with a lot of distractions. Might be some home repairs, watching TV or Netflix, pets or household chores. These things can be done after working hours.


Be patient with yourself; if you haven’t stick to the exact schedule that you wanted today, there’s always tomorrow.

Yet if you feel depressed and unmotivated or stressed out and exhausted, I promise that if you get sunlight or if possible go for a small walk, you’ll feel better.

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