You have heard it wrong- Myth busters of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has made an entry into the world, since the moment people can’t get enough of it. There are several myths and conspiracies around the disease COVID-19 and the virus itself. So, let’s give a peek at those infamous myths.

  • COVID-19 and coronavirus are one and the same.

Noo, COVID-19 is the disease caused by the virus named corona( SARS-CoV-2)

  • COVID-19 can be cured with a pneumonia vaccine.

Definitely not, as the virus is new and our body does not possess immunity against it. The virus needs a new vaccine and the others won’t work. However, scientists are working on it and it is at least 12-18months away to be ready.

  • The virus can’t survive in extremely hot or cold weather

False, our body temperature doesn’t vary despite the weather outside.

So, do your part, clean hands and stay safe.

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  • Swallowing garlic can make you immune toward COVID-19

First, the pungent flavor hits you hard, and next, it can only boost your immunity but can’t protect you from the disease.

An interesting fact: China produces 80% of the world’s supply of garlic.

  • Wearing a face mask will reduce your chances of catching the virus.

Hmmm.. maybe. It is suggested that you should use one if you have a respiratory illness before stepping out.

  • Older people are more likely to get affected by COVID-19

There is no age constraint to the disease but people with less immunity and existing illness can catch the virus easily.

Here are some myths we broke down for you. Don’t believe everything you see floating in the media, stay aware, be responsible.

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