6 Self-Care Tips to Deal with Isolation and Stress

6 Self-Care Tips to Deal with Isolation and Stress

We all are getting used to a new routine in the wake of the coronavirus disease, whether you are self-quarantining or practicing social distance.

It’s quick to get caught in the chaos of what’s going on around us, from watching the news every hour to checking through social media a bit too much. And yes, you are not the only one who is trapped in this loop.

Since we’ve found ourselves in this extended state of self-isolation, here are some simple measures you can take in order to protect your mental health as well as your physical health.


Be Hygenic: You should be extra careful during these dark times. Take precautions as much as possible. Wash hands thoroughly, avoid crowds and clean your room regularly.


Improve your diet: A good diet can help you to boost your immune system. It is recommended that you follow a plant-based diet and make sure you are getting enough calories, protein, and nutrients throughout your day.

Always include immunity-boosting food in your diet such as ginger, garlic, broccoli, spinach, yogurt and try to eat citrus based fruits as much as possible.


Do things that you enjoy: Pick up a good book, start an art project, or listen to your favorite music. Try streaming services, play board games and/or online games for more entertainment.


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Speak to your family:  Take time and talk to your parents, siblings or children and educate them about the COVID-19. Share facts with them and teach them how they can take precautions themselves.


Unwind your mind: Meditation and breathing exercises, when done daily can help you to slow your heart rate down and clear your mind.

Stop staring at the news: Take breaks from the television and social media. I know it is very hard to avoid at such times by if you keep yourself busy doing other activities, you will find it very much easy to stop yourself falling into this pitfall.

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